Merry Meadows Farm Store

Small Town Farm store

Merry Meadows Farm Store is now open! Come on over every day (except Sunday) from 10am to 5pm to get your farm fresh produce, milk, eggs, honey, soap and more! Our store is located on our farm and you can get directions here.

Get farm fresh eggs at our farm store gathered daily from our chickens! Eggs available first-come first-served. Remember, the early bird gets the worm!

Farm fresh organically grown produce is available at our farm store depending on the season. We have a variety of different fruits and veggies that we grow each year. 

We milk our dairy goats every morning and night. Come try some delicious, creamy goat’s milk at our farm store and bring some home to your family to try!

Our farm runs off of solar too! Come check it out on a farm tour, we have all the information you could need to know before going solar yourself.

Our honey bees give us and our community sweet, golden, delicious 100% Raw Unfiltered Honey twice a year. Come get it while it lasts every Spring and Fall from our Farm Store. 

We also create our own farm products that you can find in our farm store! Some products that we make are our line of beard oils,  goat’s milk soaps, and lotion bars made with our bee’s wax!

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