About Us

Set in Southern Oklahoma’s Marshall County located right off of the beautiful Red River, Merry Meadows is a small, woman-owned farm that is just getting its start. We strive to create value for our community by supporting local food and handmade businesses through a vibrant market culture. Our farmers’ markets are like a small country fair every month… the old-fashioned kind with farmers, produce, freshly-baked pies & cakes, scintillating jars of preserves & pickles, handmade goods, and entertainment.

With most of the family who has already lived and worked on farms from California to Texas, with our combined knowledge and expertise we set out to start our own family farm. Our passion is research and is at the heart of our operation. We promise to provide our consumers the very best quality, variety, and freshness from our vegetable gardens to our goat products. 

We are committed to conducting our business in harmony with nature by using organic growing practices. We integrate sustainability into every decision we make on our farm and care deeply about preserving the environment. Building a farm is a journey, not a destination. We are looking for local businesses and vendors who align with our values and would like to join us on our journey. Learn more about becoming a vendor here.

Merry Meadows' Gardens

We have 24,000 linear feet of growing space in our two gardens on our family farm. Each garden plot has drip line irrigation, automatic watering and fertilization. Each garden plot is covered in landscape plastic to help keep the weeds at bay too. We grow a variety of produce each year on our farm with the most recent crop including: yellow squash, zucchini, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, spaghetti squash, butternut squash and bell peppers. 

In addition to our two garden plots we also have a hoop house and a green house. Our greenhouse is double insulated with a inflated barrier wall and we have a heater too. This helps us grow our delicious produce year round here in Southern Oklahoma. This helps us feed our community with fresh organically grown produce no matter what Oklahoma weather comes our way!

If you want any fresh picked produce from Merry Meadows Farm you can find it at our Farm Store or at our official booth  at any of our events throughout the year! If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message here. 

Merry Meadows' Goats

When we first started our family farm, we purchased three Boer goats: Fluff (our herd matriarch) and her two daughters. Over the years our goat herd has grown to have several different breeds of goats. We still have our Boer goats, and Fluff is still our herd’s matriarch. We now have many more Boer goats and we breed our does every Fall and they have their freshening (have their babies) in the Spring. Our Boer babies are available for sale to other small farms and for FFA & 4H projects too. All of our goat kids are available on a first come, first served basis. If you’re interested in purchasing a Boer goat from our farm you can send us a message here

Shorty after having our small herd of Boer goats we decided to get some American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) registered dairy goats too. We purchased a Nigerian dwarf goat, and 2 Alpine / Nubian cross goats that were all registered with the ADGA. After the first year of dairy goat babies that were born on the farm, we started milking our dairy goats. And wow, goat’s milk is delicious! It’s so creamy and so good, we just had to get some more dairy goats in our herd so we could get more milk! We ended up adding a little more diversity to our goat herd. We got a Nubian goat and a Saanen goat and a new milking barn too. Every year we get bigger and bigger, we can’t wait to see what in in store for our goat herd in the future. You can get some of our Raw Goat’s Milk at our Farm Store and come say hi to the goats while you’re here!

Merry Meadows' Fowl

When we started Merry Meadows Farm in 2020 we got just a few americauna chickens from our local agricultural supply store. It didn’t take long before we had a mixed flock of more than 30 chickens on our farm. We have our main mixed flock of chickens that are specifically for laying eggs that we sell in our Farm Store and at our events throughout the year! We have a mix of all different kinds of breeds of chickens including: leghorn, barred rock, road island red, cochin and more. 

We also breed a unique breed of chickens called Silkie chickens. They have all down feathers, so they look and feel super fluffy or “silkie”. They are also a small breed of chicken that’s referred to as a bantam chicken. Silkie chickens are a perfect breed for kids because they are so docile. They are also easy to house because they can’t fly since they have all down feathers. We breed our silkie chickens and they are available throughout the year as they are born on a first come, first served basis. If you’re interested in purchasing some of our silkie chickens you can send us a message here and we’ll let you know what we have available or when our next silkie hatching will be. 

We also have ducks on our farm! We have a small mixed flock of Pekin and Ruen ducks. Our ducks help the unwanted bugs out of our garden plots and farm. They are free range ducks and love to explore the property and enjoy a splash in our two ponds on the farm. We also have guinnea fowl, these strange looking and sounding birds are some of the most beneficial animals on our farm. Guinnea fowl do it all, they attack and fend away snakes and other predators. They also eat unwanted bugs and even eat ticks right off of our goats! When there’s a predatory bird flying above, they call out to all of our livestock acting as a predator alarm. They also provide us with eggs in the spring and summer. And guinnea eggs are delicious in baked goods. They are about the size of a regular chicken egg but they have a much harder shell and they are super creamy and rich in flavor too!