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100% Raw Unfiltered Honey

Indulge in the sweet, natural goodness of our 100% Raw Unfiltered Honey, harvested straight from our own beehives. Our honey is minimally processed to maintain all of its natural vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. With its rich, full-bodied flavor and thick, creamy texture, our honey is perfect for drizzling over toast, stirring into tea, or adding to your favorite recipes. Our 16oz jar is perfect for honey lovers who can’t get enough of this delicious, healthy treat.


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Merry Meadows’ 100% Raw Unfiltered Honey is a true taste of nature in a jar. Our honey is harvested from local bees that forage on our local Oklahoma wildflowers and our produce garden, resulting in a rich, complex flavor that can only be found in raw, unfiltered honey. We take great care to ensure that our honey is minimally processed, so you can enjoy all the natural goodness that honey has to offer!

Our 16 oz jar of honey is the perfect size for sharing with family and friends or for use in recipes. Use it as a natural sweetener in your morning tea or coffee, drizzle it over toast or yogurt, or add it to your favorite recipes for a touch of sweetness. Because our honey is raw and unfiltered, it may naturally crystallize over time, but this is a sign of its purity and can be easily remedied by gently heating the jar in warm water.

Experience the pure and natural flavor of honey with Merry Meadows’ 100% Raw Unfiltered Honey in a 16 oz jar.

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in

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